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What’s Inside The Box: Thor

Howdy, Neatoramanauts – it’s your lucky day! A mysterious box Thor Box showed up at the NeatoPlex last week. What’s inside the box? Well, we don’t know! Here’s where you come in. Let’s play a game of What’s Inside The Box (like we did a while ago with Iron Man 2). Contest rules are simple: Enter your [...]

Batman Origami

Artist Brian Chan, who made the Iron Man Origami featured on Neatorama a while ago, also created this super awesome Batman Origami. Take a look at his Origami page for more examples of his fantastic artwork: Link

Iron Man-style suits in development

Power armour like that worn by Iron Man Tony Stark may soon be a regular sight on the battlefield. Technology firm Raytheon Sarcos are currently devel…

The Airplane Helmet Kissing Scene in Iron Man 2 Explained

What’s up with the airplane helmet kissing scene in Iron Man 2 ads? You know, where Tony Stark asked Pepper for a kiss and she kissed his helmet instead? Well, this Alternate Opening scene should explain the reason why (and it ain’t pretty): Link [embedded YouTube clip]

Hipster Superheroes

Cartoonist Caldwell Tanner created a set of panels depicting superheroes as hipsters. It features Aquaman, Iron Man, Professor Xavier, the Incredible Hulk, and Batman. Link via Popped Culture Previously by Caldwell Tanner: Superheroes in College

What is it? Game 123

Whoa, I turn around and it’s already time for our weekly collaboration with the always excellent What is it? Blog. Can you guess what the strange tool above is for? Game rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section below. One guess per comment, please. You can enter as many guesses as you’d [...]