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The Science of Appetite

(YouYube link) As we prepare to celebrate a holiday that centers around eating, we look forward to mass quantities of turkey, gravy, and pie. And no matter how much rich food you eat for Thanksgiving at the main meal, there always seems to be room for pie. Even outside the holidays, we reach for more Cheetos [...]

10 Fake Photos Of Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm Sandy has passed over the New York City area on her slow, destructive path north, leaving behind a trail of wreckageand mayhem from North Carolina up to at least Connecticut. The biggest mess, though, is in New York City: The streets and subway tunnels are filled with water, power lines and power stations have erupted [...]


(YouTube link) Animator Simon Tofield posted a video about his cat in October and named it Springtime. It will make sense after you watch it. -via Irene’s Internet Previously: More videos featuring Simon’s Cat.

Emmy Speech Master Class

(YouTube link) The most important performance of an actor’s career is the Emmy Awards acceptance speech. So of course you must take lessons to get it right. Parker Posey stars in this short from the Emmy Awards, which will be broadcast Sunday. -via Irene’s Internet

The Manliness Rap Battle

(YouTube link) Even in modern-day Suburbia, a human male’s instinct to assert dominance can pop up when you least expect it. Rhett and Link demonstrate an episode of one-upmanship in rap form. -via Irene’s Internet

9 Delightful Library Cats

Libraries are quite places visited by children and literary-minded people and sometimes the occasional mouse. That makes them wonderful places for cats to hang out. Many libraries have resident cats that become quite the local characters -and sometimes even famous! We posted about some of them before; now here are nine more library cats. 1. Tober Tober [...]

Great Geek Renditions of Classic Art Works

After seeing this great Star Wars version of Marcel Duchamp’s mechanically abstracted Nude Descending a Staircase, Irene Gallo wanted to see what other geek interpretations of classic artworks have been put out there. The resulting round up is quite enjoyable. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Photos of Hurricane Irene Aftermath

New York City didn’t see as much destruction as they had expected, but many communities up and down the east coast were severely impacted by Hurricane Irene. Buzzfeed has a roundup of frightening photographs from various locations. This one shows Route 12 at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The damaged road isolated 2,500 people on Hatteras [...]

Massive hurricanes plague other worlds

Earth is not the only planet to experience hurricanes – storms on Jupiter and Saturn put Irene to shame. For years astronomers have observed gigantic …

Hurricane Irene Store Signs

Hurricane Irene is causing havoc along the east coast, but some business owners in its path retained their sense of humor, at least long enough to thumb their noses at the storm -just before evacuating. See a collection of such business signs at Buzzfeed. This one is my favorite. Link