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Ira Glass on How to Make Balloon Animals…and Relationships

So This American Life host Ira Glass made an eighteen-minute video about how to make balloon animals, contributing to Rookie Magazine. While making the balloon animals, Glass offers advice for teen girls on topics as diverse as short haircuts, crushes, and, um…intimate subjects. Rookie Magazine writes (emphasis added): Ira Glass is the creator of the [...]

The Missing Links: Do Dogs Ever Really Eat Homework?

Why Did the Dog Eat Your Homework? Or, why do you say that happened? * I Guess the Dinosaurs Are Really Gone A while back I posted a link about a guy hoping to create real, actual Jurassic Park-ish dinosaurs. Well, I guess that isn’t happening. Thanks a lot, “science.” And “facts.” And “rationality.” * Now You Can Hug [...]

And Now, a Little Public Radio Humor

Last Thursday, This American Life LIVE played in movie theaters around the US, Canada, and Australia, beamed live via satellite from a stage performance in New York City. For public radio nerds, this is pure gold: two hours of This American Life performed onstage, and you watch it in a theater crammed with [...]

6 Interns Who Ended Up Running the Company

Many of us started out at jobs way down at the bottom of the food chain. Getting coffee and stuffing envelopes isn’t exactly a dream job for most people, but if you’re doing it now, take heart in the fact that these people started out as interns as well – and ended up running the [...]

The Late Movies: Ira Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass, award-winning host of This American Life and sage to all nerdy literate types, knows how to tell a good story. Here, in an interview with Current TV, Glass explains the basics of strong storytelling. Each clip can stand alone, featuring one specific rule about creating a good tale, but watch ‘em one after [...]

The Number of the Day: 7.4

The United States contains 2.35 billion square-feet of self-storage space. This equates to roughly 7.4 square feet of space for every person in the country. Or, as Ira Glass puts it: “All of us could stand inside self-storage at the same time.” Related Fact: According to U-Haul’s website: “The annual mileage of North American U-Haul trucks, [...]