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Man implants iPod magnets into his wrist

Not content with using a strap, a 21-year-old has had magnets implanted in his wrist to secure his iPod. The procedure involved implanting four small …

Magnetic Implant to Hold iPod Nano

Tattoo artist Dave Hurban of Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, New Jersey, likes to have his iPod Nano handy, so he decided to attach it to his wrist with magnets: Hurban explained that the technique he used to get the four magnets [...]

Tree Log as iPhone Docking Station

Psst, hipsters! Are you tired of the sleek and shiny Apple products mocking your need of ironic gadgetry? Well, fight back with this: iTree by kmkg. Yes, that’s an iPhone and iPod docking station made from a hollowed-out log: Each iTree is unique [...]

5 Tech-Related Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

There have been many creative reuses for Altoids tins posted here but these take it up a techie notch. Above is the The MintyBoost! USB charger. It can add hours of power to any device that uses a USB connection–cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, etc. Check out the iPod case, the mini speakers, the headphones [...]

Cat Plays with iPod

(YouTube link) Is there anything the iPhone, iPod, and iPad can’t do (besides read your mind)? Meesha enjoys playing with the free app Cat Toys on an iPod, as recorded by Tiffany Bliss. Link -via Buzzfeed

Dr Grymm’s Eye Pod Victrola

It may be surprising, but that is a modified iPod, with a working dock and speaker. ”Dr. Grymm” designed the steampunk modification, and has more photos on his Flickr set. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, he has used a motley mix of materials (old typewriters, formed brass and steel, leather and quartz crystals) to put together a [...]

The iPhone Log Dock

Photo: woodtec Because you can’t out-tech the sleek iPod and iPhone, it’s much better to go low-tech when showcasing Apple’s coveted gadgets. Behold, the log dock by Woodtec: Again from Woodtec, the dual iPhone/iPod docking log takes the single log dock and adds room for another device. Now you can charge your iPhone and iPod simultaneously via [...]

The World’s First Gadgets

Pictured on the left is the 1st iPod ever made, it was released in 2001, it boasted an impressive 5GB storage and as you can see the design still looks good to this day. See it along with other other original gadget designs including the 1st ever general MP3 player, the 1st ever laptop and more [...]