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I’m Human

(YouTube link) The broadcasting squad at Liberty Middle School in Madison, Alabama produced this video. It was entirely shot on iPads and mixed with music by Sigur Rós. “As people were walking out of the school, it was clear that it was the best vibe in the school that had been there all year,” said broadcasting teacher [...]

Zelda Theme Song Played On iPads

(YouTube Link) In honor of the newest Legend of Zelda game “Skyward Sword”, here’s a video showing the theme song from the original Legend of Zelda game faithfully reproduced with iPads. What makes this video even cooler is the included tutorial which shows how you can learn to play this iconic song for yourself! –via BuzzFeed

Early Adopters Through History

(Video Link) Animator Dan Meth, whose work we’ve previously featured, made this cartoon about people who resist buying the latest technological wonders, like iPads and spears. “What — this? Oh, it’s my bone. It makes hunting for food way easier. You should get one.” Dan Meth’s Website

Microsoft to Open Store in Mall, Right in Front of the Apple Store

Oh, this should be good. Apple has had a good and long run wow-ing the public with their hip iPhones and iPads in their oh-so-sleek Apple stores in malls, and Microsoft isn’t going to take it anymore: the boys of Redmond are opening up their own store (bigger, in fact) in the Mall of America, [...]