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Adventure Time Statue Made of More Than 4,000 1-Inch Wooden Cubes

This pixelated Finn by Evan Henry gives you a thumbs up and an invitation to join him. The sword is removable, but it keeps the sculpture balanced and you’ll just make Finn mad anyway. Link -via ItBit

Things to Release at a Wedding Ceremony

If you’re going to release a Kraken at your wedding, please send me an invitation! Found at Coolness Graphed. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

Tater Tot Eating Contest

Redditor medic23 received an awesome invitation and posted it to his Facebook page (although someone else beat him in posting to reddit). What remains to be seen is whether any medical emergencies will result from the tater tot eating contest, and what kind of workplace has this kind of awesome event anyway? Link

License Plates Invitation

What are those Pennsylvanians doing, holding up strange license plates like that? Inviting typographic artist Jessica Hische to visit, actually! Today the Society of Design in PA (my home state) invited me to speak. In doing so, they created the [...]

Video Wedding Invitation

(YouTube link) Save the date, because there’s some travel involved! She’s from Mayo, Ireland and he’s from London, England, so they’re getting married in Cornwall. This video wedding invitation for Victoria and Paul uses the art of collage to make it memorable. Corey McKenna, who created the stop-motion wedding invitation we featured a couple of years [...]

Pop Culture Wedding Invitation

Image: Maureen Alarid Maureen Alarid of Off Beat Bride created this invitation for her wedding, featuring Admiral Ackbar’s prudent advice about marriage. Alarid writes: The wording [on the back] is my favorite part. It reads: ‘[We] request the honor of your presence as two geeks save the princess, resist the dark side and pledge their lives (extra, [...]