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The Carbon Nanotubes Invisibility Cloak

Researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas have taken one step closer to creating the Invisibility Cloak à la Harry Potter. Instead of Demiguise hair, they use carbon nanotubes: CNTs have such unique properties, [...]

Temporal Cloak

While some scientists are working on an invisibility cloak to hide things, Cornell postdoctoral researcher Moti Fridman and his colleagues have been working on a “temporal cloak,” to hide events in time. A physical object or even another beam of light in the laser beam’s path could create a change in the laser light that the [...]

Scientists Make Progress Towards Invisibility

British researchers have made progress toward developing materials that are able to bend light around them and render them less visible: Metamaterials work by interrupting and channelling the flow of light at a fundamental level; in a sense they can be seen as bouncing light waves around in a prescribed fashion to achieve a particular result.[...] Ortwin [...]