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Farmer builds doomsday survival pods

Amateur inventor Liu Qiyuan has developed a set of pods designed to survive the end of the world. Inspired by the recent movie ‘2012′, Liu has spent o…

Experimental Heavy-Nosed Bullet

Steve at The Firearm Blog writes: A Russian inventor emailed me photos of his patent-pending bullet design. These bullets are loaded in 12.7×108mm cases. The inventor did not explain to me how this design is beneficial but according to a study done by the US Military in the 1950s (PDF Link), the center of gravity affects how [...]

The Motocrossboard Is an All-Terrain Motorized Skateboard

And it’s designed for more than just recreation. Andy Keel, the inventor of the motocrossboard, sees it as an excellent vehicle for military forces. Keel envisions future soldiers moving rapidly through enemy territory on motorcrossboards while shooting at foes. At the link, you can see more pictures and a video of one man using it [...]

Skiis for Wheelchair Wheels

Don’t be limited by the snow. Wheelblades clip onto the front wheels of wheelchairs. They distribute weight over a broader space, so they won’t get stuck in light snow. Patrick Mayer, the inventor, hopes to begin selling them in October. Link -via Technabob | Official Website

Iron Man Be The Hero Apron

Iron Man Be The Hero Apron – $20.95 Do you want to be a real hero at home? Put aside your playboy ways and strut your culinary stuff with the Iron Be The Hero Apron from the NeatoShop. This great full-length, adult-sized apron makes you look like you are wearing an Iron Man costume. Now go [...]

Pain-free needle in development

British inventor Oliver Blackwell may have come up with a needle that can give painless injections. The 29-year-old industrial design graduate has bas…

The Inventor Of The EBook Reader Is….Tom Hanks?

Here we see the true inventor of the ebook reader-Tom Hanks, or more precisely the character Josh Baskin that Mr. Hanks plays in the movie Big, holding up his proposal for the invention that was way ahead of its time. Too bad Josh went back to being a little kid before he could see a profit [...]

The Late Movies: Inventors

Last week I pointed to a profile of Steven Sasson, Inventor of the Digital Camera. But his short interview is just the latest in a string of inventor profiles by David Friedman. I’ve collected some more of Friedman’s videos below — for the most part these are impressively humble people who have created very useful [...]

Steven Sasson: Inventor of the Digital Camera

In this short video, Steven Sasson shows the original digital camera he invented at Kodak — it’s roughly the size of a toaster, has a (physically) huge memory card for temporary storage, and uses a surprising medium for permanent storage — you’ll have to watch and see. Let’s just say things have gotten pretty advanced [...]

Inventor builds floating home from bottles

An inventor has built himself an ideallic island in the Carribean from plastic bottles. Richard ‘Rishi’ Sowar used 120,000 plastic bottles to keep his…