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Hitler secretly planned to invade Ireland

A dossier containing secret Nazi plans for an invasion of Ireland is to go under the hammer today. Even though Ireland took a neutral position during …

Knitted Dalek Dog Costume

Messes on the carpet? That’s nothing. Now you have to worry about extermination. Ravelry member Peach Kraft knitted this Dalek costume for her pug to prepare for the invasion. Link -via Craft

Giant cat-sized rats invade Florida Keys

Authorities have been alerted of a new invasion of giant Gambian puched rats in the Florida Keys. Originating in Africa and brought to the United Stat…

Bat invasion threatens Australian town

A small town in northern Australia is the scene of an invasion by a massive swarm of 250,000 bats. Hundreds of thousands of fruit bats have invaded th…

Alien Invasion Glow-In-The-Dark Goo

Alien Invasion Glow-In-The-Dark Goo – $3.95 How do you make glow in the dark goo even more fantastic to play with? You package it in a jar shaped like a 55-gallon drum and add a little alien figurine.  Get your Alien Invasion Glow-In-The-Dark Goo at the NeatoShop. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more highly [...]

Guard Tower from the Napoleonic Wars Refurbished into Modern Home

To protect the country from an invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte, Britain built 103 towers along its southern shore to spot and slow down a French invasion force. The Martello towers, as they were called, had walls 30 feet tall and 13 feet thick. Some survive to this day, and industrial designer Duncan Jackson decided to [...]

Why would aliens invade Earth ?

Invasion by hostile aliens has been a theme explored by countless science fiction books and movies for years, but in the real world how likely wou…

Secret invasion plan of Britain unveiled

Britain has been the subject of numerous invasion plans over the centuries however one previously unknown plan has now been revealed in which an 1…

Giant snakes invade Florida

Already facing an invasion of giant Burmese pythons Florida is now the home to a growing number of Africa’s largest snake, the African rock python…

The Virtual Museum of Iraq

Six years after the invasion (and subsequent liberation) of Iraq, the country is still too dangerous for normal tourism. This is too bad since Iraq is literally a treasure trove of archaeological artifacts. To accommodate armchair tourists too timid to risk life and limbs, the Italian government funded the creation of The Virtual Museum of Iraq, [...]