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Catfish Ransacked Couple’s Home

Coming home to find your house ransacked by an intruder is unfortunate, but sadly not exactly rare. But what happened to a Chinese couple is very unusual: "I thought my home had been ransacked by thieves. The table was [...]

Shoulder-Mounted Laser Stands Guard over Your Personal Space

One way to defend your personal space is to carry a halberd while wearing a Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt but no pants. Not everyone, oddly enough, is comfortable with this approach. For them, Zac Ong may have a solution. His project, entitled Repel, features a rotating shoulder-mounted laser. When it detects that people have entered his [...]

2010 Shooting Range Game

(YouTube link) The Fine Brothers put together an interactive YouTube experience that offers you five video games with themes pertaining to the year 2010. Choose your game: the BP Oil Spill, Bed Intruder, World Cup, Chilean Miners, or the TV show Lost. Clicking any of them will take you to YouTube to play. -Thanks, Benny & [...]