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Get Sketchy With The Simpsons Drawing Club

Lovers of all things Simpsonian should take a gander at a fun new site called the Simpsons Drawing Club, where you’ll discover mind melting masterpieces like the drippy drawing above by Sam Taylor entitled “Melthouse”. Sam is joined by artists such as Jack Teagle and Isaac Lenkiewicz, who’ll be hanging their sketches up on that there [...]

Hilarious Reviews Of Bic Cristal For Her Pens

The Bic pen company really shot themselves in the foot when they decided to advertise their new line of “cristal” pens as being “for Her”. The interwebs immediately took to typing up hilariously scathing reviews of the pens, making sure to include all the magic, wonder and sparkly ponies these feminine pens have brought into their [...]

Don’t Mess With The Hob-Bot

(YouTube Link) He’s come from the future to save the Shire’s past, one goofy looking Orc at a time. It seems folks are getting impatient waiting for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit to hit the big screen, so hopefully these ridiculous furry footed comedy videos will continue to hit the interwebs! –via Topless Robot

Ghostbusters Theme Song Played On Eight Floppy Drives

(YouTube Link) Retro computer junk is all the rage in the world of geeky electronic music, so when I saw a video posted by MrSolidSnake745 in which the Ghostbusters theme song is played by eight floppy drives I thought “why not?” Now that I’ve watched the video I know what the buzz is about- this is the [...]

The Horrors Of Life In A Fairy Tale Kingdom

This Disney themed series by Rodolfo Loaiza show the dark side of animated life, placing the dainty princesses in some precarious predicaments and bringing the horror of fairy tale fame to the foreground. They’re dark but generally tongue-in-cheek, so even Disney himself wouldn’t ban these goofy spoof pics, except for the one where Snow White has a [...]

TARDIS Shed Guarded By A Dalek

What’s the best way to protect the stuff crammed into your garden shed? Post a friendly Dalek out front and watch trespassers get the extermination they deserve. This Doctor Who approved TARDIS shed and Dalek statue were created by Einstein19, who created these fun backyard additions a decade ago and finally decided to share them with [...]

A Film Festival For Cat Videos

Everyone knows that cat videos rule teh interwebs, with their silly box jumping tactics and love of cheezburgers, so it was only a matter of time before someone gave them their own film festival. Minneapolis’ Walker Arts Center will be hosting the first ever Internet Cat Video Festival on August 30th, and it looks like a [...]

Fourth It Up America!!

(YouTube Link) This little ditty is dedicated to America’s birthday, the fourth of freakin’ July! Let the funky sounds of patriotism wash over you as you enjoy the grillin’, swillin’ and chillin’ with your loved ones. Or maybe the interwebs is your loved one, in which case consider this video a great big old happy birthday hug! Happy Fourth [...]

Google’s Artificial Intelligence System Loves LOLCats

Google has been hard at work creating an artificial intelligence system that could revolutionize the way we think about AI…just as soon as it’s done cataloging all the cat related posts on the interwebs. Here’s what happened when it was released on the interwebs to start learning on its own: The neural network taught itself to recognize [...]

A Cute And Clumsy Baby Elephant Playing With A Soccer Ball

(YouTube Link) Well, I think the title says it all on this one folks! This cute, clumsy baby elephant kicks the ball around for a bit, falling down here and there and amusing every human in attendance. And now that the video has been shared on the interwebs it can amuse people across the globe with it’s [...]