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Boost Productivity by Hiring Someone to Slap Your Face If You Go Off Task

Like many of us, Maneesh Sethi gets distracted by the Interweb at work and his productivity suffers because of it (ahem, and yes, I realize you’re probably doing the same thing by reading Neatorama right now – mea culpa!). [...]

Cat vs Dog: Who Rulez Teh Interweb?

Despite of what you may hear, cats are not the King of the Interweb. According to a new study of shared links by Bitly, dogs are still the top dog of cute animals on the Web: While cats have a respectable lead, [...]

Tron Trailer #3

Tron Legacy trailers are like candy to geeks, and Disney is savvily dripping them on the Interweb to whet their appetite for the movie. This one, Trailer #3, contains new and very awesome snippets of the movie: Link [embedded YouTube clip] Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About Tron

Q*Bert Cake

Q*Bert cake by Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery – via Great White Snark If you like geeky cakes, there’s one place on the Interweb you’ve got to check out: That’s Nerdalicious blog’s “Nerd Cakes” posts. You’ll find cakes inspired by video games, sci-fi movies, Internet memes, cartoons and so on. My current favorite is the Q*Bert [...]

Weird Images of Yore: Black and WTF

Image from Foxtongue [Flickr] The next time you get a bunch of WTF pictures on a viral email, remember this: human’s propensity for making weird (and weirdly wonderful) pictures predates the InterWeb. Take a look at these strangely compelling black and white images of yore over at Black and WTF tumblr blog: Link – Thanks Matt! [...]

COMBO, Animated Graffiti by Blu and David Ellis

Remember Muto, the “animated” or time-lapse graffiti by Blu that took the InterWeb by storm? Well, here’s the sequel: a collaboration by Blu and David Ellis called COMBO (with music by Roberto Lange) It was produced by Studio Cromie and released at the Fame Festival 2009 Link

Negative Space by Noma Bar

Negative Space by Noma Bar The so-simple-they’re-genius artwork of Israeli graphic designer Noma Bar is making the rounds on the Interweb and it’s easy to see why. Here are a few selection from his new book Negative Space over at pixelelement: Link | Q&A with Noma at the New Yorker

A Day WITH Cats: A Day Without Cats Counter Protest

Well, today is the day. A week ago, Urlesque blog dared the Interweb to ban posts about cats. Well, that ain’t right – so us Neatorama folks decided to stage a counter protest. To restore the cosmic balance caused by the lack of posts about cats today, we will post about cats, cats, and more [...]