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The Surface Area of Nothing

Redditor splongo asked two questions: If a perfectly spherical ball is sitting on a perfectly flat surface, what is the size of the contact area? Would it not be infinitely small? I’m at a loss for a completely coherent answer. I don’t think that, as a physical reality, there can be a perfectly spherical or flat object. [...]

Fallout Monopoly

Here we are, at the intersection of video game and board game. Elisabeth Redel made a Monopoly game for her boyfriend fashioned after the video game Fallout! The streets are locations from the game instead of Atlantic City. Even the cards are Fallout-oriented. See more pictures at Geeks Are Sexy. Link

Boat Abandoned at Intersection

A motorist in B├╝lach, Switzerland, was towing a boat behind his vehicle and came to a stop at a stop light. When the car continued, the boat became unhitched and was left sitting at the intersection! One witness said: “As the car drove off, the boat just stayed there and the driver didn’t seem to even [...]

The Royal Wedding Dalek

What lies at the intersection of sci-fi geekdom and royal wedding fever? The royal wedding dalek! Chris Balcombe is an avid Doctor Who fan with his own dalek, which got a makeover for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Chris Balcombe, 51, has spent one week decorating his Dalek to tie in with the [...]