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Disturbing Works From The History Of Art

Paintings are often viewed for their illustrative value, and the stories behind the images are either speculated about or left up to individual interpretation. But this list of disturbing works leaves nothing to the imagination, and the stories behind these paintings can be downright sick! Read for yourself what these paintings are really all about, you may [...]

If the Wizard of Oz Was Set in China

We all know The Wizard of Oz started out in Kansas, but what if it was transported to China? Billy Nunez’s wonderful illustrations featuring tigers, samurais and more are a great interpretation of what might have been. Link Via io9

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as a Comic

I’ve mentioned Lucy Knisley’s awesome comic book-style interpretation of the Harry Potter books before, but now she’s back with the latest installment of the series: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My favorite Knisley-ism from this one? “Pensieve it up!” p.s., Lucy also did a drawing of Kurt from Glee in his Warblers blazer, which made [...]