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Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest

This picture and others from the same sequence are everywhere on the internet today, but rarely is there any source or context attached. These are stills from the movie Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest. (YouTube link) Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest {wiki} is a 1908 film by D.W.Griffith. It featured cutting-edge special effects that were frightening [...]

Rabbit-Duck Illusion in Real Life

American psychologist Joseph Jastrow published the optical illusion on the right in 1899. He used it to express how unconscious preferences help create a constructed reality. It’s either a rabbit or a duck, depending on your point of view. The image on the left is going around the Internet today, and appears to be a [...]

Portrait of Conan O’Brien in Cheetos

(YouTube Link) This video is circulating the Internet today. It shows an unnamed artist making a portrait of Conan O’Brien out of cheetos. Allegedly, he (she?) used about 2,000 cheetos from 50 bags for the work, but the provenance on that information is iffy. via The Agitator

Beer Can Tab Chain Mail

Pictures of this stylish suit of armor made from beer can tabs have been circulating the Internet today. What gifted artist will step forward and claim credit for this magnificent creation? There are more detailed pictures at the link. Link via Geekologie