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The Instant Cat Meme: Grumpy Cat

She’s funny, she channels emotions we all share but tend to hide, and she’s a cat. Is it any wonder that the internet loves Grumpy Cat? It was only two months ago that Bryan Bundesen (Cataliades) posted a picture of a cat to reddit with the words “Meet grumpy cat.” This is the picture that came [...]

Alice’s Bucket List

When British teenager Alice Pyne found she had terminal cancer, she made a “bucket list” of things she wanted to do before she died. That was four years ago. One year ago, she started a blog and posted her list, but acknowledged that “some are possible, some will remain a dream.”    She quickly became something [...]

Goat Man Mystery Solved

Earlier this month, photographer Coty Creighton spotted something strange in a Utah mountain: a man dressed in goat suit trailing behind a herd of goats on his hands and knees. The "goat man" became an [...]

Freddie Wong And The Fire Flower

(YouTube Link) Freddie Wong’s special effects videos have turned him in to an internet sensation, and rightfully so, because the guy has some serious compositing and visual fx skills. In this video the king of movie makeovers finds an old book that teaches him the secret of the Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros., with delightfully [...]

Danny Trejo Is The Epitome Of Badass

(YouTube Link) We all know Danny Trejo is a badass as far as actors go, but now he’s going to star in a movie that casts him officially as Badass. Loosely based on the true story of Epic Beard Man, a guy who valiantly defended himself on the bus and became an internet sensation because of his [...]

Tay Zonday Shows How The Economy Is Like Chocolate Rain

(YouTube Link) The internet sensation behind the song “Chocolate Rain” returns to teach us a little something about the U.S. economy. Tay Zonday makes a little more sense than he did in his previous videos, but i’m still not sure I understand what’s happening with my U.S. dollar situation. Maybe somebody else needs to make an [...]

Beautiful Photos of Animals’ Eyes

Suren Manvelyan, Nylus Crocodile, 2011 A couple of years ago, Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan was a bit of an Internet sensation… even if only behind-the-scenes. His macro photo collection, “Your Beautiful Eyes,” was shared nearly everywhere online and published in Daily Mail, The Independent, the Telegraph, La Reppublica, and Liberation. Now Manvelyan is back with a [...]

I Am Maru, the Book

Maru, the Scottish fold YouTube star who lives with his human, mugumogu, in Japan, is getting his own book. Published by HarperCollins, I am Maru promises a little insight to the cat’s “low-key” lifestyle. “This…cat may be an internet sensation, but he knows how to keep his celebrity status from going to his fluffy head…mostly…See all his [...]

Ambam the Upright Walking Gorilla

YouTube Link Ambam the gorilla stands upright and walks like a man. Ambam is a 21-year-old silverback male gorilla. He lives at Kent animal park in Britain. You may have already seen this handsome fellow as he has quickly become an internet sensation.

Gorilla that walks like a man filmed at zoo

Ambam the gorilla has become an internet sensation after being filmed walking like a human. A resident of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent Ambam’s…