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The 12 Memes of Christmas!

(YouTube link) Mashable brings us an internet carol, featuring lots of internet memes and appearances by some original meme characters, such as Scumbag Steve, Chuck Testa, and Tardar Sauce. See the entire list of participants at the YouTube page. -via Holy Kaw!

Bronze Statue of the Zidane Head Butt in Paris

Remember the 2006 World Cup, when the whole world was watching France play Italy for the championship, and French player Zinedine Zidane drove his head right into Italy’s Marco Materazzi? It’s the lasting image of all that year’s matches, and was made into countless internet memes. Italy won the World Cup and Zidane retired from [...]

Meme Movie Posters

You’ve seen many minimalist art posters based on movies, but how about minimalist posters for internet memes? Artist Stefan Van Zoggel created 29 of them so far, illustrating both classic and recent memes. Link -via Blame It On The Voices

Le Internet Medley

(YouTube link) How many internet memes are in this song by the GAG Quartet? All of them! Well, according to the YouTube page, there are forty -in case you want to try to find them all. -via The Daily What

ThunderCats, LOL!

As a kid, I was a big fan of Thundercats. It was pretty much a perfect storm: I loved cats, cartoons, and…uh…post-apocalyptic feline-dominated alternate realities, so the show was a no-brainer for my five-year-old self. I frankly haven’t thought once about ThunderCats in something like twenty years, but was pleasantly reminded of [...]

Meme Tattoos

Who says internet memes don’t last? Some people have the most fleeting memes tattoos on their bodies. Imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren why those things were so important to you that you had them permanently inked into your skin. Ranker has a list of ten memes, some with more than one tattoo found. [...]

Batman Vs. The Internet

Caldwell Tanner and Kevin Corrigan rounded up internet memes to bedevil Batman and Robin in a series of comic book cover mashups. There are five in all; this one is my favorite. Link -via Gorilla Mask

Fake Coachella Posters

The line-up for the annual Coachella festival was leaked a few days ago, and dozens of parody posters featuring everything from deceased artists to the most horrific music combinations have been designed. Urlesque collected the funniest posters into one post, and added this one featuring internet memes. Link

The 25 Greatest Internet Memes of 2010

Ah, the memories of a year chock-full of useless and incomprehensible things to occupy your time. These are the internet memes of 2010, causing a laugh or two as they fly around the web. If by chance you’ve missed any of them, you can become familiar with all 25 before someone calls you out as [...]

10 Dramatic Marriage Proposals

I saw a new online marriage proposal yesterday. While I waited to see what the potential bride’s reaction was, I thought about how many imaginative proposals I’ve seen. Some are so very public and entertaining, yet personal at the same time because they are custom-made for the couple involved. If you haven’t seen these, you [...]