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“Everybody Seems to Want It”: Early Media Coverage of Apple Computer

Getty Images Today, shoppers around the world are smearing fingerprints and oily faces against the glass walls of Apple stores, peering in, waiting for doors to open and iPhones to be sold. It’s an annual gathering for a popular product from a popular company. But everything has a beginning, and there was a time when Apple [...]

The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company Turns 100

One hundred years ago, The International Time Recording Company, Computing Scale Company, and Tabulating Machine Company merged to become the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. Apparently, people one hundred years ago loved naming companies with a confusing collection of impressive sounding, quasi-scientific words assembled in seemingly random order. And if those company names could include hyphens, well—the more [...]

World’s Top 10 Valuable Brands

The business of building brands is a tough one. And it takes years of hard work, great service, great product, sustained socially responsible work and a lot more to create a brand that people hold store by. In today’s ever-changing economy, entrepreneurs seek specialists’ help to launch their products and create brands. Often big corporate houses [...]