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Regarding Yodeling

(YouTube link) To hear authentic Swiss yodeling, you need to go to the mountains of Switzerland …or watch a video by someone who did. NatGeo’s Digital Nomad Andrew Evans recorded Swiss yodeler Amadé Perrig, a cowherd who grew up yodeling in the Alps. He also learned quite a bit about the art. Cow- and goatherds used yodeling [...]

Behind the Scenes With Where the Hell Is Matt?

Surely by now you’ve seen the awesome video Where the Hell Is Matt? 2012. Marilyn Terrell of National Geographic has a look behind the scenes, because she was there taking pictures when Matt Harding recorded a portion of the dance video on the USS Abraham Lincoln last August! Read about the experience, and see a [...]

Danny Macaskill: Industrial Revolutions

(vimeo link) National Geographic selected ten amazing people for their Adventurers of the Year. You can read about each one and then vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award (through January 18th). One of those finalists is rider Danny MacAskill, whose stunt videos have gone viral over the past couple of years. [...]

Pink Bear Poop

Photo: Bettyboop4 [Flickr] National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel (and now Neatorama) blogger Marilyn Terrell just came back from a trip to the Yukon Territory in Canada. Naturally, she’s got lots of stories about her adventure, the fascinating ecology of the Yukon and so on and so forth. But since I’m stuck here in the ‘burbs, my jealous [...]