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Zombies Cannot Swim

If you needed an excuse to buy a boat, this is probably the best one. Insurance against the zombie apocalypse is just common sense. Link -via Alltop

Apollo 11’s Unconventional Life Insurance Policies

You know what’s expensive? Insurance. It’s pricey enough to get life insurance if you have any kind of health issues or you’re a frequent flyer, and nigh impossible if you’re fond of basejumping. But imagine if you were preparing to leave the planet and step outside to walk around on the Moon, and no one [...]

Exploiting the Fine Print

Lawyer and financial planner Joseph Caramadre has made a career out of reading the fine print and exploiting loopholes. He’s under fire now for a scheme in which he sold variable annuities with life insurance. The catch he found is that Rhode Island doesn’t specifically state that you have to have some kind of relationship [...]

Disney Closes New Habit Heroes Exhibit

Habit Heroes, a new attraction at Epcot Center at Walt Disney World, was scheduled to open on March 5th, but is now postponed indefinitely. The exhibit was designed in partnership with Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. Housed inside Innoventions, the park’s futuristic showcase of ideas, Habit Heroes features animated fitness buffs Will Power and Callie Stenics, who [...]

Man Cut Off Friend’s Hand in Insurance Scam

We’ve covered a lot of weird crimes here on Neatorama, but this is the stupidest hands down: A Midlands man is in jail accused of working with two other people to defraud an [...]

Giant Fork Driven into a Car

Go ahead and call your insurance company. You now have a story that its employees will never forget. Actually, this is an ad in Nantes, France. It was made by the street theater company Royal de Luxe for IDM, a housewares retailer. Link -via Copyranter Previously by Royale de Luxe: Attack of the 20 Foot Marionettes Sultan’s Elephant

The Number of the Day: 18%

According to the 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, 36.9 million American drivers—18%—couldn’t pass the written drivers test today. Related Fact: Kansas had the highest average score (82.9%), while Washington, D.C., finished last (71.8%). Related Question: Did you pass the test the first time? In New Jersey, in 1996 at least, you could fail one part of [...]

Cthulhu Cell Phone Holder

Cthulhu Cell Phone Holder – $14.95 Help! Help! Cthulhu ate my cell phone! Just kidding, it’s just the super awesome Cthulhu Cell Phone Holder from the NeatoShop! You know you want one! If Cthulhu really did eat your cell phone is that covered by the insurance plan? Hmmm…something to think about. Be sure to check out the other fabulous [...]

The Quick 10: The Insurance Policies on 10 Famous Body Parts

While most of us insure rather mundane things – lives, houses, cars – there’s a certain populace who make livings based on very specific body parts and need financial protection in case the ability to earn that living is ever taken away. Hey, you’d probably insure your hair too if you had the luscious locks [...]

Office Camouflage

(Video Link) I can’t speak Russian, but I’ve read that this Russian-language commercial is about a man trying to report a claim to his insurance company. The employees vanish into their equipment the moment that the customer walks in the door. via reddit