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Man dies after cockroach eating contest

Edward Archbold collapsed and died after scoffing dozens of live insects as part of the event. 30 contestants turned up at Ben Siegel Reptile Store ne…


(vimeo link) Insects with visible human skeletons do insect things in the unsettling animation Hominid, based on the series of photo composites by Brian Andrews under the same title. Link  -via Daily of the Day

David Chambon’s Dew-Covered Insects

Like Ondrej Pakan, David Chambon takes amazing pictures of ordinary insects covered with fine layers of dew. They don’t seem to mind a bit. Photographer’s Website -via Colossal

Oldest known bugs found trapped in amber

Scientists have discovered well preserved insects dating back over 230 million years to the Triassic era. The preservation process occurs when the ins…

What is the world’s worst insect sting ?

Justin Schmidt has spent his life being stung by insects on purpose in order to find the answer. The University of Arizona entomologist has developed …

10 Absolutely Adorable Bugs

We tend to think of insects as creepy and crawly, but not so much cute. But there are some bugs that are simply precious…maybe not as much as a puppy or kitty, but definitely cute nonetheless. If you dig on six-legged cutie pies, then don’t miss this great article featuring some of the most photogenic [...]

The Bug Circus Generator

(YouTube link) This ad shows how efficient Snapdragon processors are by inferring that they can be powered by insects. And if you care about cruelty to bugs, you should know that the actual circus acts are special effects, a well-done combination of CGI and image collage. Which is less expensive than actually procuring bugs this big! [...]

10 Stunning Pictures of Mantises

If you’re one of those people who think insects aren’t pretty, particularly big ones like the praying mantis, well then, you’d better take a look at this great BuzzFeed article that’s sure to change your mind. Link

Man Taunts Mantis with His Thumb

(Video Link) It’s called the idolomantis diabolica or Devil’s Flower Mantis. If you’re going to be named after a flower, that’s a pretty badass name to have. If you ever meet one, don’t be afraid. They get energy that way. -via Geekologie | Previously: Glamorous Insects

The Secrets of Insect Wings

Insects are so numerous and so varied that are an evolutionary success story. Much of this success is attributed to an insect’s wings, which can do so many things besides fly. Different bugs use their wings to communicate, attract a mate, hide, protect themselves, and more. Wired has a gallery of close-up views of the [...]