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10 Amazing Species Discovered in 2012

From the insect that was first identified on Flickr to the iridescent blue tarantula to Myanmar’s sneezing monkey, this great Mashable list is filled with all kinds of amazing species that were discovered over the last year. Link


(vimeo link) Insects with visible human skeletons do insect things in the unsettling animation Hominid, based on the series of photo composites by Brian Andrews under the same title. Link  -via Daily of the Day

New insect species discovered on Flickr

A photograph posted by a hiker on Flickr has lead to a whole new species of insect being identified. Shaun Winterton had been looking through photogra…

The Bug That Wears Its Victims Like Armor

With a name like the assassin bug, you can be sure this is one tough insect. As it turns out though, the assassin bug doesn’t just kill and eat its victims—it also wears their exoskeletons as part of its suit of armor. In a way, this Malaysian bug is probably the closest thing the insect [...]

What Killed Giant Insects That Ruled The Skies of Ancient Earth?

A fossilized insect wing from the species Stephanotypus schneideri and it is about 300 million years old. The wing is about 7.5 inches (19 centimeters long), substantially smaller than the largest fossil insect [...]

Dinosaurs plagued by ancient giant ‘fleas’

A species of giant flea-like insect would have fed on the blood of dinosaurs over 165 million years ago. As if modern fleas weren’t bad enough, the pr…

Amazing Photos of Ants Being Awesome

It can be a challenge to get insects to look like majestic, beautiful creatures given how much most humans can’t stand anything with six legs, but as previously featured photographers Ondrej Pakan and Amishboy have already shown us, it’s far from impossible. Andrey Pavlov is yet another photographer with the ability to remind us that there [...]

Scientists recreate prehistoric cricket song

The sound made by the Jurassic era insect has been recreated thanks to the discovery of its fossil. Researchers specialising in insect sounds and comm…

Dew-Covered Dragonfly

Photo: Miroslaw Swietek Photographer Miroslaw Swietek took the magnificent macro photo of a dragonfly covered in dew. I wonder how the dew drops affect the insect’s compound eyes? See that and more photos of dew-covered insects over at LiveScience: Link

Snails Can Survive Being Digested

You probably know that snails often fall prey to hungry birds, but you might not know that the slithering insect crawling across your driveway might have already been eaten by a bird—and survived. New research shows that around 15% of snails make it through the bird’s digestive system alive. One snail in the study even made [...]