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Roman MMA Champ Recruited Soldiers

Using celebrities to sign people up for stuff is an age old technique that even the Roman Empire was familiar with. A newly translated inscription dating about 1,800 years revealed that the Roman army [...]

One Nail Set To Rule Them All

If you put all ten together they spill out the entire inscription put on the inside of the classic One Ring. I don’t know about you other geek gals, but I’d love to wear these to a fancy dress occasion…they’re practically jewelry after all. Link Via io9

Mysterious Code on an Ancient Cup

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have found a 2,000-year-old stone cup. The leader of the excavation team Shimon Gibson of the University of North Carolina says this kind of cup was common in Jewish households of the time, but this particular cup is different. What sets the newfound cup apart is its inscription, which is still sharply [...]