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Beautiful Innards of Mechanical Adding Machines

Who would’ve thought that something mundane could be so beautifully complex inside? Here’s Kevin Twomey dissecting and photographing the insides of mechanical adding machines, revealing their gorgeous innards of gears, springs, and other mechanical [...]

TARDIS Jack-o’-Lantern

Sean Fallon says “I’ve got to say, there was wayyyyyyy more innards in there than I expected. Took forever to clean out.” I can’t top that line, but I started watching Doctor Who last week, so maybe one day I can. Link -via Nerd Approved

The Anatomy of A Toy

Artist Jason Freeny isn’t content with viewing the exterior of some of our favorite toy characters, he wants to know what the insides of Care Bears and My Little Ponies look like. His depictions of the creation’s innards are delightful for biology-loving geeks and terrifying for children. Link