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Queen Victoria, Artist

Among the Queen’s talents was a gift for art. Victoria’s notebooks were filled with sketches and watercolors: From her subtle yet rich watercolors to her seemingly austere but remarkably expressive black-and-white ink sketches (with a style reminiscent of Wendy MacNaughton’s), the drawings complement her observations of daily life and capture everything from members of the Royal Family [...]

Amigurumi Tattoo Machine

This cute little fellow made by Ohioja wants to ink you up. It won’t hurt a bit. You want your girlfriend’s name on your arm? Great idea! Now hold still. Link -via Craft


That’s not a tattoo, but ink from a gel pen. Chinese artist Pinpin Co spends about five hours decorating each of her subjects with whimsical patterns. The ink rubs off or washes away. But for a short time, her human canvases bear extraordinary markings. Artist’s Website -via Spoon & Tomago

A Gallery Of Tattoos Inspired By Science

Tattoos have gone from subculture badge to trendy enough to be considered a societal norm. Geeks who were once afraid of their bodies, and getting tattoos on them, are now some of the most enthusiastic sporters of embedded ink. Scientists are no exception, and they’ve joined the geek nation in adorning themselves with symbols of their [...]

The Joy Of Running A Printing Press Without All The Mess

This funky new Ipad app allows you to set up blocks of type or artwork, mix your own colors, ink the blocks, then run your virtual paper through via virtual hand crank and create prints the old fashioned way. You can create all sorts of material for just about any kind of printing job, then [...]

Spies Like US: Secret Messages

Yesterday I wrote about homing pigeons in the first installment of this spy series. Today, let’s look at other ways spies have relayed messages over the years. One of the cooler ways involved microdot cameras. Simple in construction and easy to hide because of their tiny size, microdot cameras were able to produce a negative [...]

Colorful Spill

A truck full of commercial ink crashed on an I-95 ramp in the Boston area yesterday, spilling the very expensive ink all over the highway. No one was injured in the wreck. The ink reached two storm drains, but it is not considered a hazardous material. An environmental cleanup company has been summoned to the scene [...]

Mom Got Tattooed with Son’s Ashes

After Kim Mordue lost her son, she decided to carry him with her forever in her heart … and in her tattoos: Three years ago, Kim Mordue lost her son Lloyd to a fatal run in with the party drug GHB. Kim’s husband runs a tattoo parlor, and together they’ve found a way to deal with [...]

Giant Squid Invade California

Giant squid have appeared in massive numbers off the coast of California in the past few days devouring swimmers leading to bountiful catches by fishermen: “Most of the fish we catch are better to eat, but they don’t give you much of a fight.” He said the squid were “trying to crawl around and blow ink all [...]

New Trend In Prison: Tattoo Your Eyes!

(YouTube Link) Not for the squeamish. At first glance, it seems improbable and downright impossible, but inmates are actually attempting to stand out from the crowd by having ink injected into the whites of their eyes. DamnCoolPics has a bit more information on it: Because the we had trouble getting the ink under the surface (and were [...]