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Council quizzed over Santa crash plans

Some of the most unusual Freedom of Information Act requests posed to local authorities have been listed. Cheltenham Borough Council was at the receiv…

What Are the Real Odds?

Jen Clarke of West London opened four eggs in a row that were all double-yolked. The odds of such a thing happening must be astronomical -or are they? According to the British Egg Information Service, one in every thousand eggs on average is a double-yolker. They’re not sure how they’ve come to this figure but you [...]


I’d just like to know what AT&T is thinking here. Was just accessing my account and had to enter new information online. Is this the UI guys having a good laugh… or? Pretty funny, if so.

Beautiful Wooden Revolver Model

There’s little information available at the Japanese-language website about this model. But from the pictures, it’s clear that this is a precise model of the Nagant M1895 revolver, a handgun produced in vast numbers by Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union. Other pictures at the link show that it’s articulated at several joints and can [...]

Psychic Sally Morgan accused of cheating

One of the UK’s best known psychics has been accused of receiving information through an earpiece. A member of the audience attending one of Morgan’s …

Hammock Boat

I can’t find any information about this marvelous invention other than that it was spotted at the University of California at Davis. It does not appear to be a commercially-available product, but a one-off structure. I know one thing with certainty: I want one. Link -via reddit

Facebook “Like” Buttons Now Illegal in German State

Is Facebook’s “like” button violating German privacy laws by providing the social network with information on state websites? According to government officials they are and have removed them from all state websites. Facebook says nein! Last Friday, Thilo Weichert, head of the data protection agency in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, ordered that all state [...]

Star Trek Cat Tree

I can’t find any information about this marvelous creation which shows a Galaxy-class starship and Terek Nor. But as you can see from the other photos in the gallery, it’s not the only such cat tree. Somebody get this man an Etsy account. Link -via blastr

Is The Internet Killing "Big Ideas?"

Is information overload via the internet and social media killing our thirst for new “big ideas?” Some say we no longer have great thinkers like Freud and Einstein since we are all so distracted by the hoard of information at our fingertips that is less qualitative and more quantitative. I was struck by the grand profunditiy of this [...]

Animals with new genetic code created

Scientists have created the first ever animals with artificial information in their genetic code. A species of tiny worm was produced with an artifici…