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New Map of Earth’s Animals

Naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, constructed a map of the world’s animals. Now that map has been updated, with new information gleaned over the past century about where the Earth’s animal species live. It includes data on 20,000 species of mammals, birds, and amphibians.   The global map data can be used [...]

Salt Facts

As far as information on a salt grinder goes- this is one of the more interesting things I have seen. It sure beats contains high levels of sodium. It does make you wonder though, what does it say on the pepper grinder? -Via Tastefully Offensive

U.S. Map of Public Shootings

You might be surprised at how many multiple-victim public shootings happen in the U.S. Here’s an interactive map that plots such shootings going back to only 2005. Click on a dot at the site to pull up more information. Since posting this map, the Daily Beast has received more information from readers, so they’ve set [...]

My Little Pony Shotgun

I’m having trouble tracking down information about this shotgun. So far, I can find just one mention on Equestria Daily. It’s not the first working MLP firearm we’ve seen. Last week, we saw a Smith & Wesson 1911 with the Rainbow Dash cutie mark inscribed on the grips. This shotgun of unknown provenance is similarly [...]

Dragon Statue Made Out Of CD Shards

This dragon statue has a real sharp look about it, and it was once able to hold many megabytes of information, so it’s (somewhat) useful! It’s an opalescent dragon for the information age, and the many sharp edges will make you feel alive again…with pain! 136 blank CDs were harmed in the making of this dragon [...]

The Science of Hypercorrection

If you’re (factually) wrong, it turns out that you’d remember the correct information much longer if at the beginning, you’re convinced that you’re right. Actually, the more convinced you are, the longer you’d remember [...]

Common Logical Fallacies, Illustrated

David McCandless of Information is Beautiful (he wrote the wonderful book The Visual Miscellaneum – I highly recommend it), came up with this clever visualization and examples [...]

Sushi Warships

Information in English about this project is scarce, but I gather that art student Mayuka Nakamura recreated warships of the old Imperial Japanese Navy in sushi. The series is an extended pun on a popular type of sushi roll dubbed the battleship. This, I think, is a model of the Kongo — a battleship that [...]

Dragon-Shaped Dumpling

I haven’t been able to track down any information about it, but allegedly this dragon figure is actually a dumpling. It’s filled with a green substance and apparently steamed. You can see additional photos of the creation process at the link. Link -via Bit Rebels

Jim Henson’s Rediscovered 1963 Robot Film

“The machine is busy digesting vast oceans of information in a single, all-encompassing, gulp. INTERRUPTION! INTERRUPTION! INFORMATION ALERT!” -Computer H14, in a 1963 film made by Jim Henson for The Bell System (now AT&T). This film is a piece of Henson ephemera — a three-minute work created by a young Henson [...]