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“Will You Marry Me?” The Infographic

Infographics are often used as a marketing ploy for shady websites, but sometimes they can be created with much more honest motives. For example, this one was created by Drake Martinet as a clever way to propose to his girlfriend and it’s sweet as all heck. Click on the link to read the rest. Link

Sitting Down All Day = Really Bad For You

No doubt you knew that already, but since so many of us do sit for eight+ hours a day (I do, and I have no excuse… I have a stand-up desk at work), I thought these cool infographics were a good reminder. A few more of the stats you’ll find on the full graphic: Obese [...]

An Intimate Look at Infographics

Dave Fields explains how the rash of internet infographics from the past couple of years differs from …well, from what they should be. A well done infographic has the power to capture one’s acute attention span and convey information that would have taken longer to simply read (oh no, not reading!). However, for every brilliantly thought [...]

Helpful Figures

Helpful Figures by Karl Pichotta has plenty of those every-popular infographics you see all around the blogosphere -but these are entertaining! Shown is a small portion of the infographic about food. Look through the archives to find an infographic on a subject that suits your interest. All have interesting “facts”, possibly related artwork, and unclickable [...]

Sumedicina: A Story Told Through Infographics

Sumedicina is a short story by Jana Lange and Kim Asendorf told with the modern medium of infographics. It’s about a scientist who works for a biotech firm called Sumedicina, which secretly creates and unleashes viruses on the world — and then sells the only cures. The caption for the above infographic reads: John has worked [...]

Beatles Infographics

Charting The Beatles is a project by graphic designer Michael Deal to express the history of that band through quantitative infographics. Pictured above is one describing their working activities, divided into touring, filming, and recording. Deal invites anyone to participate by contributing their own infographics to a flickr set. Link via J-Walk Blog | flickr set

Who’s Renting What on Netflix?

The New York Times has a set of infographics showing the popularity of certain movies distributed in the zip codes of several cities, based on their incidence of Netflix rental. Netflix provided this data on the fifty most popular movies of 2009. Hover over each map to see what movies were the most popular in [...]

Victorian Infographics

Infographics are not new, they are just easier to make and pass around on the internet. BibliOdyssey has a collection of posters, pages, and pamphlets from the Victorian era that make information into an art form. Pictured is the Tableau De L’Histoire Universelle (History of the Universe Chart). This is a fold-out print depicting all of [...]

Infographics About Chocolate That Are Made Out of Chocolate

The French design firm 5.5 designed a few infographics for the Spanish chocolatier ChocolatFactory. Each is made out of actual chocolate. Pictured above is a set of domes that represent different cocoa contents, with the largest dome representing the least cocoa (60%) and the smallest representing the most (99%). The other graphics are chocolate bars [...]

If You Printed the Entire Internet

Printing the entire internet is a ridiculous idea, but in the event that you actually wanted a printout of the entire internet today, then you would have to have started printing back in 1800BC. And if you wanted to read it all it would take 57,000 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, [...]