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Actors Who Were in Both Doctor Who and Star Wars

I’m having trouble imagining Lobot with personality, but actor John Hollis had a long career playing many different roles. Geeks of Doom created an infographic showing 13 actors who worked on both Star Wars and Doctor Who. You can view the whole thing at the link. Link -via Nerd Bastards

Which 90s Nickelodeon Character Are You?

If you get a squishy feeling in your heart when you think about All That, Rocko’s Modern Life, Clarissa Explains It All or Salute Your Shorts, then you’ll definately love Flavorwire’s infographic quiz that helps you identify which 90’s Nickelodeon character you’re the most like. I got Clarissa, which makes me feel fantastic since she was [...]

How Much Data is Created Every Minute

The web is a busy place, and to tell us exactly how busy, Josh James of Domo shows us this infographic of how much data is created every minute on the Interweb: Link  

How Infographics Are Ruining The Web

We can’t post a quote from this (or any) infographic, because you can’t copy text from a graphic. Also, infographic “facts” tend to be unreliable, but this particular one is just trying to make an overall point, so go see it at SplatF. Link -via Boing Boing

An Infographic On Michael Bay Explosions

You may have heard that Michael Bay’s newest film will contain his 1000th explosion ever. If you’ve ever wondered just how his explosion per movie breakdown looks, then you’ll certainly appreciate this infographic detailing all of his 992 explosions so far (the whole thing can be found at the link). Link Via Film Drunk

An Infographic about Every Killing that Jason Voorhees Made in the Friday the 13th Movies

Jason Voorhees was a busy boy during the Friday the 13th movies, so it can be easy to get confused about who died in which manner. Thankfully, Andrew Barr and Mike Faille of the National Post put together an infographic summarizing each murder in each movie. Pictured above is a small selection from it. Link [...]

How Fireworks Work

If watching all the fireworks shows last night got you wondering how those balls of light are actually created and manipulated, this great infographic can help fill you in on the details. Be sure to click the link to view the whole graphic. Link

Bizarre Things You Can Rent

I joke about renting a laundry-folding robot because seriously, who likes to fold laundry? As it turns out, I could probably find one to rent if I looked hard enough. I could also rent a tree, a goat, a wife(?!) or any of the 20 things listed in this handy infographic from The World’s Biggests. [...]

The Doctor’s Companions Infographic

If you’ve ever had a hard time keeping track of the companions on Doctor Who, then this handy infographic should be able to help. To view the full graphic, be sure to click on the link. Link

Keyboard with Varying Key Heights Based upon Frequency of Usage

Think of Mike Knuepfel’s sculpture as an infographic. The height of each letter is greater the more often that a letter is used in the English language: Idea – I’ve been thinking about and exploring the idea of using 3d rapid prototyping techniques to create sculptural data visualizations. One idea was to have elements or data [...]