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The $5,000 Toilet that You Control with Your Smartphone

At long last, a breakthrough in totally unnecessary toilet design. If you’re in the market for a porcelain throne that not only plays music while you do your business but also raises and lowers the seat, flushes and turns on the bidet via wireless command from an accompanying app, then maybe wait a few months. The SATIS [...]

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#190 – Week of October 19, 2012 Yuri Gagarin on BBC TV, July 11 1961 – [very cool interview] The Closest The World Has Come to Nuclear War – [Cold War] Seven-hour Nuclear War Plan – [history, transl.] Doomsday Clock: Five Minutes to Midnight- [fascinating] Modern Gyrocar: C-1 self-balancing electric motorcycle – [concept, video] Inscription on the Statue of Liberty [...]

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#186 – Week of August 17, 2012 SF Writers Predict the 2012 Future, from 1987 – [fascinating!] The Great Moon Hoax, more – [vintage, info] A remake of the first website ever made – [web history] When Forgeries Are Worth More Than the Originals – [cool info] iTypewriter: Finally Enjoying Typing! – [cool project] Adam Niklewicz: Extreme Sculptures Based on Food [...]

The Astonishing Portal Gun

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. The Astonishing Portal Gun Just when you thought that building an extra-dimension portal gun was a great idea… Reminds us of the 1940s Robert A. Heinlein story “And He Built a Crooked House”. See better quality version on Link Today’s pictures & links: Extreme Speakers Made From Supercar Exhaust System iXoost iPod dock [...]

Heavy Bombardment of the Moon

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Heavy Bombardment of the Moon This NASA video is called the “Evolution of the Moon”, but we think that “heavy, brutal, merciless bombardment” will be better way to describe the epic cataclysmic events that shaped our Moon in the distant past. Link Today’s pictures & links: The Edge of the World Beachy Head cliff, [...]

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#175 – Week of March 4, 2012 Titanic May Have Sunk Because of an Optical Illusion – [!]Giant Unseen Structure in Our Galaxy – [wow space]The Monster Engine: Painting Children’s Nightmares – [art]Gorgeous Art Deco RV from 1926 – [wow auto]Extract Your Own DNA?! Here’s How – [geek info]To Eat, or Not to Eat? – [weird [...]

The Weirdest Buildings On Earth

There isn’t too much info on all of these amazingly weird buildings over on Bored Panda, but the name of each building is there if you want to learn more about the places. For example, this is The Crooked House in Poland. Link

This Is What My Baby Will Dress Like

I don’t have any info on the source of this picture, but I know that at least a few of our Neatorama readers probably have dressed their little ones up in clothing like this on occasion. Anyone know where this picture comes from or have any geeky baby pics of their own? Via Geeks Are Sexy

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#161 – Week of July 15, 2011 Ghastly 2-meter-long Sea Creature, info – [Leptocephalus video]The Wonders of Tree Bark – [fantastic photography]1988: Iran Air Flight Shot Down by US, info – [disaster]Extreme: Climbing the Golden Gate Bridge – [wow pics]Huge Breakthrough in Computer Memory – [science]Wow: Hypothermal Worm, Mosquito Eyes, more – [micro]Secret Mechanics Optical Illusion, [...]

First Surreal Animation

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. First Surreal Animation This inspired trip is “Fantasmagorie” from 1908, made by Emile Cohl. Some of the old cartoons were very bizarre… for example, Russian scientist Ladislas Starevitch used to create animated films using dead insects with wire limbs. Another very strange cartoon is this one… “You wanna be a [...]