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The Secret is Out

(YouTube link) New Brunswick potato farmer Heliodore Cyr had 27 children, and this accomplishment got him onto the TV show “I’ve Got a Secret.” This is his third appearance, in 1959. His wife was too busy to do the show herself. However, a little more digging reveals that not all those children survived infancy. This video [...]

24 Photographs of Abe Lincoln Being Awesome

Abraham Lincoln broke ground for U.S. presidents in many ways, one of them for being photographed. Photography was still in its infancy, but we can go back and see how the man actually looked as he ran for congress, campaigned for president, supervised the Civil War, etc etc. I really like this picture of Lincoln [...]

The Cutest New Years Babies Ever

New Year’s babies are considered to be good luck, but when you’re as adorable as these baby leopard tortoises, you certainly don’t need to worry about luck. These little cuties were born at the Zoo Pragu, three on New Year’s Eve and three after midnight on New Year’s Day. While they’re tiny enough to fit [...]

New radar could give soldiers x-ray vision

MIT students are devising a way to give humans x-ray vision using a series of signal amplifiers. Although still in its infancy, it is hoped that this …

How did Earth avoid falling in to the sun ?

Astronomers have determined how in its infancy the Earth managed to escape being incinerated from falling in to the sun. A new modeal has demonstrated…