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The Undead Debt Collector

If you’ve ever had to deal with debt collectors, you know that they’re relentless. How relentless? Let’s just say that they don’t let a little pesky thing like death deter them from getting back every penny they’re owed! Here’s a fascinating story of how a woman who died in 1995 has been “signing” affidavits for the [...]

Edward Scissorhand hairdressing style

Inspired by Edward Scissorhands, these ‘Clawz’ are revolutionising the hairdressing industry. Valentino LoSauro, who has sold 30,000 of the fingertip scissors, spent two years developing the device. He claims the Clawz, made from responsive elastic and razor-sharp stainless steel, can cut hair twice as fast as normal shears. Razor sharp: Valentino LoSauro spent two years developing the Clawz Mr [...]

LED Dress

Photo: J.B. Spector/Museum of Science and Industry The Galaxy Dress is composed of 24,000 LEDs, each measuring two by two millimeters, attached to four layers of chiffon and forty layers of crinoline. The whole thing can be powered by a few iPod batteries for up to an hour. It’s one of the recent creations of CuteCircuit, [...]

Newest Travel Craze – Sleeping In Beds Of Hay

The travel industry may be suffering during these tough economic times, but hotels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have found a way to attract new visitors – let them sleep in beds of freshly raked hay in converted barns. For as little as 8 Euros per night ($11 U.S.),  backpackers, couples, families, and (in the [...]