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The Incredible Hulk Cookie Jar

The Incredible Hulk Cookie Jar – $54.95 Do you get really angry when somebody snags the last of your favorite cookies? Protect your precious sweets with the Incredible Hulk Cookie Jar from the NeatoShop. This fantastic cookie jar is all the rage among brilliant scientists. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Hulk items [...]

Man paints himself green, doesn’t wash off

Enrique dos Santos was trying to look like the Incredible Hulk but managed to use the wrong paint. The 35-year-old swimming pool attendant from Brazil…

Anatomical Diagram Of The Incredible Hulk’s Skull

This anatomical diagram by Glendon Mellow attempts to put scientific data behind Bruce Banner’s superheroic transformation from man to Hulk. However, this chart raises further questions, like does Bruce’s skull actually transform? And does this new research illustrate that the Incredible Hulk is actually some sort of modern incarnation of Paranthropus robustus? Link  –via Nerd Approved

Sad Koala Reminisces

(YouTube link) A sad koala eats an apple and looks back on days gone by. The glory days. Where did it all go wrong? Couldn’t say, but the photoshopping and the almost-but-not-quite Incredible Hulk hitchhiking theme music make this a masterpiece. Link

The Quick 10: A Bunch of Belushi

If John Belushi hadn’t overdosed in 1982, he would have been 63 today. To pay homage to one of the funniest comedians ever, here’s a video Quick 10 of some of Belushi’s greatest moments. 1. Samurai Delicatessen, my personal favorite. 2. As the Incredible Hulk. 3. John imitates Joe Cocker. 4. Little Chocolate Donuts. 5. His [...]

Hipster Superheroes

Cartoonist Caldwell Tanner created a set of panels depicting superheroes as hipsters. It features Aquaman, Iron Man, Professor Xavier, the Incredible Hulk, and Batman. Link via Popped Culture Previously by Caldwell Tanner: Superheroes in College