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Napoleon Wasn’t Short, Vikings Didn’t Wear Horned Helmets, and 3 More Historical Misconceptions

There’s nothing a history geek likes more than saying, “Actually, everything you think you know about [insert historical event here] is wrong. And here’s why.” In this four-minute video, C.G.P. Grey tackles five historical misconceptions, contrasting the commonly accepted stories with what the historical record actually shows. My favorite is his explanation of Napoleon [...]

Hobbit Hole Nails

It was a hobbit-nail, and that means comfort. But perhaps some difficulty typing. Nail art maestro Kayleigh O’Connor added Bag End to her thumb along with some pleasant greenery from the Shire. She writes: I’ve never tried anything on this scale before. It’s a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole. It’s about [...]

Man has fork in stomach for 10 years

A man hospitalised with stomach pains was found to have had a 9-inch fork lodged inside him for a decade. Lee Gardner was rushed to hospital after suf…

Photo of a Bee Sting in Progress

No, bees have not developed 2-inch long stingers. That’s abdominal tissue trailing behind the bee as it leaves the scene of the crime. Kathy Keatley Garvey of the University of California at Davis snapped this amazing one-in-a-million shot. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Chicken Footstool

Which came first, the footstool or the egg? The designers at thecityfarmgirl answer unhesitatingly, “The egg.” These eggs, given time and proper care, grow into 12-inch or 17-inch footstools. They’re made of felt and are available in a variety of colors. Link -via NotCot | Photo: Kara Kersten Design

Salmon Crossing a Road

(Video Link) There was only about an inch of water, but it was enough for these salmon in Mason County, Washington to participate in amphibious operations training. It’s time to choose sides. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Saturn Meets Nine Inch Nails

What do you get when you pair incredible footage of Saturn and its moons with Nine Inch Nails? An awe inspiring black and white video showing clips NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took during its ongoing mission to the ringed planet. If you haven’t been following the Cassini spacecraft’s second mission to Saturn, here’s a video that will [...]

Fascinating! A Spock Quilt

This 82 by 52 inch quilt was made by Carol of FunThreads for a quilting fair. She adapted an image of Spock from a pumpkin carving template. You can read instructions for making your own at the link. Link via Dude Craft

Microchip Paintings

Artist Yuri Zupancic composes miniature paintings on tiny microchips, such as this nude which measures half an inch high. Zupancic paints them using brushes that he makes from his own eyelashes. Here’s his explanation for choosing microchips as his base: “Smaller and Faster” has replaced “Bigger and Better” as the leading catchphrase of commodities. I reflect [...]

Hi-Tech Japanese Vending Machine Uses 47-Inch Touchscreen Panel to Sell Drinks

In a land of high-tech toilet and strange robots, a regular ol’ vending machine just won’t do. So behold, the vending machine in subway stations in Tokyo that uses 47-inch touchscreen panel to sell you drinks: A 47-inch touchscreen panel dominates the front of this beast, which shows two tall eyes when in sleep mode and switches [...]