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The Inception of Stop-Motion Film

You can think of this as the Inception of stop-motion films. YouTuber EranAmir presents this video clip of 500 people holding more than 1,500 pictures all around Israel, thus creating a stop-motion film inside a [...]

“Inception” Explained Via Folders

This is supremely nerdy. Back away from the computer now if you’re not up to the task. Are the normals gone yet? Good. Okay, if you’ve seen Inception, you know that it has a complex plot (see this plot diagram for more on that). Spoiler alert: the plot involves a series of dreams; dreamers may [...]


(YouTube link) Amy from Very Culinary made a trailer for her site that mirrors the Inception trailer exactly, except that it’s about cooking. She also posted a shot-by-shot comparison in case you want to see how closely the two trailers match. Link -via The Daily What

Inception Burrito

You knew that it was just a matter of time till someone invented an Inception-themed food. Well, that time is now: Elie Ayrouth of Food Beast blog created the Inception Taco. He used 5 different Del Taco menu items to create “five dream levels of burrito for you to traverse with every bite” Wait till you [...]

Hand-drawn Timeline of Inception by Christopher Nolan

The nifty hand-drawn graph above is Christopher Nolan’s graph detailing the timeline of Inception. If you don’t understand it, you’re in good company – but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the movie. Link – via Boing Boing

Inception in Real Time

(Video Link) Did the movie Inception make sense to you? Me neither. But this video by YouTube user weikang helps. It shows the four different dream levels in the story simultaneously, rather than flipping back and forth between them as the movie does. via Urlesque

Mind-Blowing Time Lapse Video

Timelapse Montage from Mike Flores on Vimeo. Have you ever had a dream where clouds or planets suddenly start moving rapidly through the sky? This absolutely astonishing time-lapse montage by Mike Flores will make that dreamscape seem like a reality. The piece evokes something familiar with the haunting and the strange. Fitting, too, that the music [...]

Inception Movie Poster Looks Like Dark Knight Poster

Poster art property Warner Bros. The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s next project, Inception, opens next June, and like his last summer blockbuster, he’s opted for a similar poster design. As The Playlist quips, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The poster for a movie is an important extension of the film itself. Not only do [...]