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Anatomical Diagram Of The Incredible Hulk’s Skull

This anatomical diagram by Glendon Mellow attempts to put scientific data behind Bruce Banner’s superheroic transformation from man to Hulk. However, this chart raises further questions, like does Bruce’s skull actually transform? And does this new research illustrate that the Incredible Hulk is actually some sort of modern incarnation of Paranthropus robustus? Link  –via Nerd Approved

Retro Japanese Spider-Man TV Series

He’s known as Supaidaman in Japan, and his live action Japanese tv show from 1978 is way cooler than the cheesy American incarnation. Watch as Spider-Man performs stunts on his motorcycle, battles baddies with duck bills, and tries to stop the sinister plans of one Professor Monster. –via ComicsAlliance

You Could Adopt Sirius Black

Or at least…his dog incarnation from the films. That’s right, Berry, the gorgeous black dog that played Sirius Black when he was a dog in the movies, is now up for adoption because his owner doesn’t have time to take care of such an energetic senior dog. The only catch -you have to adopt his [...]