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14 Great Parody Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great way to keep up with people on the internet, but it’s also a source of entertainment from accounts created just for that purpose. You have to admire a novelty account that can keep the one-liners coming day after day after day. If you’re not following any parody accounts, you’ll find a [...]

Gumball Wars

(Watch on Vimeo) What happens when you try a gumball machine’s patience? WAR. That’s what happens. This animation, made by Scoot Theirauf “while between projects” is cute and funny, a Pixaresque look at the secret lives of inanimate objects. I love how the red guy gives the blue machine a “Seriously??” look at 0:25. Link

The 8 Most Successful Politicians (Who Weren’t Human)

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, is not the only community to elect non-human politicians. Several races have been won by other dogs, different animals, and even inanimate objects! Cracked has a rundown of the most notorious of these, like the mule who was drafted to run. In 1938, the people of Milton, Washington elected Boston Curtis as their [...]