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Muppet Movie Camera Test From 1979

(YouTube Link) Here’s a delightful behind the scenes video showing Kermit and Fozzie hanging out in a tree waiting for The Muppet Movie director Jim Frawley to get his angles and lenses all worked out, and later Kermit and Piggy discuss their relationship, and what their offspring might look like… *grin* It sure is fun to see these [...]

Here’s a Megaphone. Say Something Nice to New York City.

(Video Link) For their latest stunt, the people of Improv Everywhere left a megaphone on a lectern in several spots around New York City. A sign on the lectern invited people to “say something nice.” New Yorkers proved to be up to the task. Link -via Gizmodo

Real Life Mario Kart Returns

(YouTube link) So do you remember that crazy French guy who violated all manner of laws and threw caution to the wind to play real-life Mario Kart back in ‘08? Well, it totally happened. And just like the game, IRL Mario Kart is apparently habit-forming. ‘Cause guess-a who’s back! Urban Improv of the Day: As promised, not-a-single-f*ck-giver [...]

MP3 Experiment

(YouTube link) The folks at Improv Everywhere used 3,000 participants for their latest mission. Each had an MP3 player that received simultaneous instructions (and music). That had to appear really strange to anyone not in on the plan! It all culminated in a flashmob at Bryant Park. Link -via The Daily What

Creating IRL Fantasies with Improv Everywhere

I’ve posted about Improv Everywhere before, but they were featured on last week’s episode of This American Life (a rebroadcast from 2005) and I thought IE founder Charlie Todd had some really interesting things to say about what his group does and why they do it. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Improv Everywhere [...]

The Late Movies: Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere is a collection of artists who stage scenes in public places. For tonight’s Late Movies, here are a few favorites. Their latest effort is called Grocery Store Musical, featuring six undercover actors who sing a lovely song about fruits and vegetables mixing together. Improv Everywhere grabbed 50 people with red hair to protest Wendy’s inaccurate [...]

Subway Yearbook Photographs

Improv Everywhere set up a portrait studio aboard a subway train and persuaded riders to have their pictures taken for the “subway yearbook”. Read the story behind this mission and see more pictures and a video at their website. Link -via Buzzfeed