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Thespian Transformers Tattoo

Let us celebrate the 448th birthday of The Bard and his transforming impact on English literature. This image seems appropriate for the occasion. Back in college, Fashionably Geek reader Rebecca got this tattoo showing the masks of tragedy and comedy as Autobots and Decepticons. Link

Are aliens part of God’s plan, too ?

If intelligent alien life were to be discovered, what impact would this have on religion ? It’s a question that has been discussed by philosophers, sc…

Science Says Smoke Later If You Smoke At All

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for you, but as it turns out, when you smoke can affect just how much of a health impact a cigarette could have on your body. Two new studies have shown that smokers who light up first thing in the morning are more likely to get lung, [...]

New evidence for dinosaur catastrophe

A triceratops fossil may be key evidence in proving that a massive impact wiped out the dinosaurs. The discovery was made at Montana’s Hell Creek Form…

10 NASA Shuttle Tech Spin-Offs We Can All Use

The shuttle’s days are over, but its impact on daily life is by no means diminished. Since NASA began development of new tech for astronauts, we the people have gotten trickle-down innovations from the science implemented in shuttle missions. PopSci has rounded up ten inventions originally used on the shuttle that are implemented right now [...]

How Your Dad’s Jams Indicate What Tunes Are On Your iPod

There’s no doubt that what your parents listened to when you were growing up has had some sort of an impact on what you listen to now, though I’m not totally sure it’s always as clear-cut as this graphic makes it. Instead of listening to something vaguely derivative of Jimmy Buffett, I think I was [...]

Deep Impact flies by small comet

The Deep Impact spacecraft flew by a small comet on Thursday some 13 million miles from Earth. Its only the fifth time the core of a comet has been vi…

Deep Impact spacecraft readies for comet

The Deep Impact spacecraft will soon be making a close approach of the comet Hartley 2. Next week the spacecraft will be getting within 435 miles of t…

Extinction firestorm theory questionned

The massive asteroid impact that is thought to have been responsible for killing the dinosaurs may not have sparked a global firestorm as scientis…