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32 Historical Christmas Photos

From a few famous faces to adorable animals and kids under the tree to soldiers in wartime, here’s how we’ve had a Merry Christmas through the ages. 1889: Three children gathered around Christmas tree with toys. 1896: Two little girls in bed, playing with Japanese dolls; a little boy with a drum stands at the bedside. [...]

14 Weird Old Photos Of People Wearing Masks

Whether these people were donning masks to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving (more on that later), or a fancy dress party, or to safely perform a medical procedure or act in a play, the results are spooky—and likely to give you nightmares. Happy Halloween! Getty Images 1865: A white caped figure wearing a Halloween pumpkin mask taking two [...]

Scenes From the 1908 London Olympic Marathon

In honor of today’s Olympic marathon, here’s a look back at the origin of the race, plus an explanation of the whole “.2″ business. Olympic Marathon, 1908 London Games/Getty Images In 490 BC, a soldier named Pheidippides supposedly ran from the battlefield at Marathon to the city of Athens to alert the troops of a Greek victory. [...]

Come November, We’ll Add Paul Ryan to One of These Quizzes

Getty Images Now that Mitt Romney has named his running mate, it’s only a matter of time before we add Paul Ryan’s name to one of these VP quizzes: Remind me in November.

Why Do Divers Go Hot Tubbing After a Dive?

Getty Images After Olympic divers blow your mind by beautifully twisting and turning through a three-story fall, they usually crawl out of the pool and head for the hot tub. They’re not just fraternizing with their fellow Olympians, and they’re not trying to go back in time to before they biffed the dive. (What? You know [...]

Pop Culture Paintings By Dave MacDowell

Images of the Dude abound in the newest works by painter and pop culture junkie Dave MacDowell. They’re brightly colored, tongue in cheek dedications to the gods of geekdom. Gallery 1988 is currently showing the works of Dave MacDowell at their Santa Monica location now through June 2nd, and these works look even better in person, [...]

Fog-Free Self-Cleaning Glass Made with Nanotechnology

Images: Kyoo-Chul Park and Hyungryul Choi Wiping or blowing away the fog on your car’s windshield will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to researchers at MIT: they’ve developed a fog-free, glare-free, [...]

Mysterious MoD UFO poster disappears

One of the best UFO photographs ever taken was hung on the wall at the MoD for several years. The photograph was part of a series of six images taken …

The X-Men Go Clubbing

Cyclops won’t have to wait at the door. He and his friends are the hippest mutants at this club. View more images of their adventures by Kevin Wada and Max Wittert at the link. Link and Link -via The Mary Sue

20 Bizarre Works Of Public Art

The public artworks in this gallery make one wonder what the artists had to go through for these pieces to see the light of day. Some are silly, others are tasteless, and a few are downright genius, and they all add a sense of whimsy and wonder to an otherwise sterile urban cityscape. Take your eyes [...]