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The Tatra T87: Streamlined, Fast and Mostly Unknown

“QUANTUM SHOT” #800 Link – article by Mike Gulett Designed to resemble the German Graf Zeppelin dirigibles We wrote about Tatra’s streamlined cars before (also see other aerodynamically shaped cars in our older article). We received quite a good response, asking us to continue this series. Today we feature The [...]

Sydney as it Might Have Been

The image on the left is what the Sydney Opera House almost looked like, had the team led by J. Marzella came in first instead of second in the design competition! Take a look at this and more alternative versions of famous monuments over at Oobject: Link

11 Toys You Only Played With at the Doctor’s Office

The best part of going to the doctor’s office as a kid… 1. Waterful Ring-Toss Image via eBay 2. Fisher Price Parking Garage Image via Etsy 3. Magna Doodle Image via Etsy 4. Highlights Image via Etsy 5. The Medical Kit (naturally) Image via Etsy 6. Memory Image via Etsy 7. Guess Who Image via Reddit 8. The Rollercoaster Image via The Toy Bag 9. Little Golden [...]

A Horrific Cake Perfect for Halloween

I’m sure you wouldn’t expect polycistic kidney disease to be pretty, but seeing what it actually looks like is still pretty shocking -especially when you find out that the image in question is actually a cake. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d have a hard time trying to get this one down. Link

Elegant, Sinister Hydra Coupe

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Elegant, Sinister Hydra Coupe You might remember this vehicle from the film “Captain America” (it was the personal car of Marvel’s villain Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull). But you’ve never seen it in this color and special finish, with such sensuous detail. Link Created by famous designer Daniel Simon (his Facebook [...]

Most Dangerous Roads in the World, Part 7

“QUANTUM SHOT” #793 Link – article by Avi Abrams Crazy Routes in India and Tibet Today we present another (long-overdue) installment in our popular series The World’s Most Dangerous Roads, and we have to shudder showing you these vertigo-inducing images (although some hardened drivers may say “oh, shucks, it’s nothing [...]

The Psychological Advantage of Bonding with Batman

Do you feel more confident and powerful after watching a superhero movie? Researchers led by Ariana Young of the University of Buffalo studied this emotional effect. They asked 98 young men how they felt about Batman and Spider-Man and showed them pictures of the heroes, depicted with variously muscular or normal physiques. Researchers then asked the [...]

Photosynthetic Aphids

Image: Shipher Wu and Gee-way Lin/National Taiwan University – via Wikipedia Photosynthesis, the process of by which light energy is captured from the sun and turned into chemical energy, as any school children know, [...]

Between Two Trucks

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Between Two Trucks… This is one of the most incredible stunts we’ve seen: called the “Ballerina Stunt”, this is walking the high line between two speeding trucks, hoping to make it before the line hits the tunnel… Link Today’s pictures & links: Penthouse, Redefined Some private cottages situated on top of the eight-story mall [...]

Researchers Create 100,000 DPI Image with Nanotechnology

Colored nanoscale image (a) Before the addition of metal in the nanostructures (b) Color is observed after the addition of metal (c top) Zooming into th eimage (c bottom) The nanostructure as observed [...]