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Fireworks in Reverse

(Video Link) What do fireworks look like when you see them backwards? Simply beautiful. Julian Tay recorded the New Year’s Day fireworks display in Melbourne, Australia and reversed the image. Link -via Colossal 

How to Mix a Don Draper: Whiskey with a Dash of Emotional Fortress

Image link Mad Men’s Don Draper is a pretty complex guy, so it makes sense that his cocktail of choice is, too. New York graphic designer Ho-Mui Wong whipped up this fun piece for the Fader that shows you exactly how to mix your own Don Draper – just make sure you have plenty of “Secret [...]

Magical Text

In opposite to the World’s Oldest Optical Illusion? that was posted here at Neatorama around Christmas last year, here is one of the most recent optical illusions out there. It’s a piece of text that seems to grow and curve, especially when you look at the corners of the image. Link – via Reddit

Movies Compressed into Barcodes

Well, strictly speaking this isn’t actually a barcode. But Movie Barcode, a Tumblr blog, compresses every frame from a movie into a single image. Pictured above is one example — The Wizard of Oz. If you think about the dominant colors throughout the movie, it’s actually possible to follow the story (to an extent) through [...]

Portrait of Darth Vader Created with Star Wars Script

David Johns created a portrait of Darth Vader using the script of Star Wars as his medium. At the link, you can zoom in to see what’s written in different parts of the image. Link via Geekologie

D&D Character Sheet As Resume

Image: Sean McNally Sean McNally, a 15th-level artist and 7th-level animator, created a resume that looks like a character sheet from Dungeons & Dragons. He claims to have a Base Art Bonus of +11, of which I am skeptical. But maybe a little exaggeration is expected on a resume. Click on the link for a larger [...]