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How to Create Your Own Papercraft Bookmobile

Bookmobiles are awesome. There’s an amazing sense of adventure in seeing a truck roll down the street full of books and wondering what you can get inside. While a paper bookmobile doesn’t have that same sense of adventure, having a papercraft bookmobile to spice up your desk’s design would still be amazing.  Over at illustrator [...]

Minimalist Group Portraits Of Cult Movie Characters

Illustrator Ale Giorgini creates works which are so densely packed with cult movie characters it’s hard to find all the characters present in each frame. Ale’s style is reminiscent of the Genndy Tartakovsky cartoon Samurai Jack, and his use of simple color palettes ensures that each piece will fit in with any kind of swanky decor [...]

Who’s That Scientist?

Illustrator Chay Hawes created these images of sixteen well-known scientists from history. How many can you name? See a larger version at his website. Chay will post the answers later, so you can guess without the temptation to peek. Link

Travelers of the Solar System

Illustrator Scott Benson created an awesome poster/chart that celebrates space exploration and travel. It changes with the light! This illustrated chart was designed by me and hand-printed by my dear friends at Commonwealth Press. It features 8 planets, 4 astronomers, 4 cosmonauts, 3 astronauts, 3 comets, 3 spacecraft and 1 ill-fated hound, along with helpful annotations. [...]

If Adventure Time Was Actually A Retro Comic Book

Chilean illustrator Adolfo Torino Nuñez is quite the geek mash up artist. Aside from setting Adventure Time and Futurama in the Golden Age of Comics, he also has superhero mash ups like Hulkboy and The Fantastic Punishman. Don’t miss his DeviantArt gallery or you’ll be missing out. Link Via io9

Delightful Posters Featuring Quotes From Famous Writers

New York-based illustrator Evan Robertson has a great series of posters on his Etsy shop featuring illustrated interpretations of famous quotes by literary legends. Link Via Laughing Squid

Sinister Versions Of Classic Disney Characters

There’s a Serbian illustrator known as Testosteronman who was tired of the cute, cuddly nature of the iconic Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, so he sat down at the drawing board and gave these characters a sinister makeover. You wouldn’t want to meet these twisted toons in a dark alley, and if a sequel [...]

Classic Cartoon Character Twitter Art

Are you a Tweetaholic looking for a fun way to show your love for classic cartoons? Then take note of these works of Twitter Art by Gregory Wadsworth, an illustrator with an eye for adding character to 140 word tweets. They’re sure to make most people on Twitter go “who’s that?” Link  –via Cartoon Brew

The Very Rich Hours of Mrs. Mole

In 1969, illustrator Ronald Searle’s wife Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment, Searle made a “Mrs. Mole” illustration to cheer her after every chemotherapy session. They were a gift of love, never meant for publication. Monica Searle survived until last summer, and Ronald Searle passed away in December. Now 47 of those [...]

How To Draw a Chihuahua

Illustrator Ben Juwono of Hardly Working Blog tells us how to draw a chihuahua. You got that, Neatoramanauts? Link – via Super Punch