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A magazine ad from Levi’s says, “Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes.” The illustration makes that very clear. These women come in, uh, well, they seem to be all the same model size, but if you look really, really close, you can see they are very slightly different in shape …or who are they [...]

Feline Version Of The Eleven Doctors

This is what the eleven incarnations of Doctor Who would look like if they came from a feline alternate reality. My, those little kittehs sure are sharp dressers! This purrrfect illustration brought to you courtesy of science illustrator Jenny Parks, who obviously has much love for both the most well known alien doctor ever, and [...]

Promised Land

The illustration on the cover of the Thanksgiving issue of The New Yorker magazine shows the Pilgrims immigrating to their new homeland. It’s called “Promised Land” by Christoph Niemann. Link

Amazing Stereoscopic Spider Man Street Art

This is the most amazing street art I’ve ever seen, not only because it’s so well drawn but also because it has a stereoscopic quality to it that makes the buildings appear to be of dizzying heights, which threatens to give me a headache but is otherwise amazing. Created by artist Kurt Wenner, this massive [...]

Word Dalek

We must sadly continue to wait before the production and release of a Dalek spoken word poetry album. Until that day comes, this visual presentation will have to suffice. Tomasz Stasiuk took the most common words used by or about Daleks, such as “Obey” and “Stairs” and used them to compose an illustration of one. [...]

Dr. Frankenstein Hard At Work On His Monster

This neat, albeit gory, illustration by Chris Schweizer shows Dr. Frankenstein hard at work on his monster. Pray he gets it right this time! Link –via ComicsAlliance

Perfectly Positioned

It looks like a pretty but not extraordinary illustration, right? Keep scrolling. It’s actually a series of sheets of bullet-proof glass suspended so that they look like a face when viewed from the right angle. Michael Murphy assembled this sculpture. It and other works by him are on display at gallery nine5 in New York City. Link [...]

A Lot of Cats

I wonder what this Twaggie (based on a Tweet by @DanaJGould) is insinuating. I am older than I’ve ever been and I also own more cats than I ever have before. Illustration by Sam Spratt. Link

Oh, So That’s the Difference

I keep getting these two confused. So does the father of redditor itsgus, but this illustration will keep it clear and easy to remember. Of course, it’s not that important since Slash isn’t real. Link

Scientific Illustration

Scientific Illustration is a Tumbler blog with 66 pages of scientific drawings and paintings from many linked sources. Find what you’re particularly interested in seeing by scrolling through the archives -keep scrolling and watch yet more pictures load. Shown is a 1904 illustration by German biologist Ernst Haeckel. Link -via Nag on the Lake (Image credit: [...]