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The Standing Work Station

Wonderful idea, but you have to wonder how easy it would be to reach the coffee. After all, every worker has his/her priorities! This comic from The Joy of Tech came with a poll on how many people do their job standing, and how they feel about it.  Link -via Daily of the Day

The Missing Links: Just Say No to the Squirt Gun Flamethrower

The Arm of the Law Really Is Quite Long It reaches five decades backward in time. And all for a lousy dime. * Squirt Gun Flamethrower Just Sounds Like a Bad Idea An awesome idea. But a bad idea all the same. Check out that and other deadly DIY items you need to avoid. * Running a Car on [...]

Brett Cohen’s Celebrity Prank

Brett Cohen? Sure, we know Brett Cohen*! Heck, we even knew him before he got famous for pretending to be famous. That’s right. Brett is just an average guy with a crazy idea that in order to be treated like a celebrity, [...]

How feasible is space mining ?

Can Eric Anderson and Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources actually succeed in mining asteroids ? The idea seems simple in principal but just how fea…

10 Things Created Over a Couple of Beers

After a few beers at the bar, even the most ridiculous ideas start to seem like The One That Will Make Millions. Sometimes, though, those ideas actually pan out. Here are a few reasons to take your next tipsy brainstorming session a little more seriously. 1. Southwest Airlines Getty Images In 1966, lawyer Herb Kelleher’s client, Rollin King, [...]

Did humans and Neanderthals interbreed ?

A new study casts doubt on the idea that our ancient ancestors would have interbred with Neanderthals. Research in to the Neanderthal genome revealed …

The Belgian Plan to Give Beer to Schoolchildren

In 2001, Belgian schools waged a new front in the war against childhood obesity. In an effort to keep kids away from sugary drinks, a plan emerged to swap soda and lemonade for a healthy alternative: beer. In this unique scheme, the school would serve up a relatively weak brew called tafelbier, which contains 1.5-2.5% [...]

Man lights firework in his bottom

One drunk man at a party in Australia thought it would be a good idea to experiment with fireworks. The ill-fated party trick soon backfired ( literal…

The Batmobile Golf Cart

Have you always wanted to play golf, but hate the idea of being stuck in one of those stupid little white carts? Well then, maybe you should hit the course in this awesome Batcart! Link Via The Mary Sue

Dog Hot Dogs

Mayumi has a great idea for adding some humor to your backyard cookouts. To make these dog hot dog buns, all you have to do is shape the dough before baking and add black beans for the eyes and noses. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!