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The Spruce Clamp

This is a great idea: a hall tree for your desk! The Spruce Clamp, made by Layer X Layer, clamps on the edge of your desk where you can hang wires, jewelry, glasses, reminders, and other clutter to keep it off the surface. A Christmas ornament or two would look good on it, too! Each [...]

A Look Beyond the Turkey: A Brief History of Thankfulness and Harvest

The Thanksgiving holiday Americans will celebrate tomorrow is based on a historical feast from 1621. However, the idea of expressing gratitude for a bountiful harvest with a celebration is an idea that goes way back -probably as far back as agriculture itself. Geeks Are Sexy takes a look at some of the ancient harvest festivals [...]

Are we all living in a simulated world ?

It is a question that has been debated by philosophers and scientists alike for thousands of years. The idea that the world we see around us is actual…

Vote for the Most Annoying Halloween Costume Idea

Which costume idea is the most trendy and fleeting? The most overused? The hardest to figure out? The list of possibilities is a lot longer than what you see here. Vote for the costume idea you believe is the lamest at Ranker. Link -via Breakfast Links

Popcorn on the Cob

This exists. I had no idea! Until today this culinary marvel had escaped my attention. Apparently, you can buy cobs prepared for microwaving or you can make your own by cooking Indian corn inside a paper bag. Now I have to try it. Link

Cook a Burger with Your Car’s Tail Pipe

This seems like a bad idea. Thankfully, right now it’s just concept by seven Iranian designers submitted to Design Boom’s Dining in 2015 contest. Let’s just say that it needs some work. Link -via Foodiggity

The 25 Magic Words Of American Television

How do you come up with a “new idea” for a television show? It’s really simple. You just take the list of magic words and combine a couple of them. You can use your combination as a title or as a premise. NPR posted this, inspired by the new series Mob Doctor and Revolution.   MOBDOCTORLAWJUSTICECUPCAKECHICAGOFORCE911STORMREVOLUTIONHEATFOREVERTEAMPETSAMERICACELEBRITYALASKATRUCKERLOVEMYSTERY How [...]

Fifty Shades of "OMG, No Way"

From the This Is Probably a Bad Idea files, here is a collection of Fifty Shades of Grey tie-in products that maybe should have been considered more carefully before actually hitting production. From onesies of questionable taste to seemingly themed cooking classes (what??), here they are. (SFW unless you’re just not allowed to be online [...]

Collective Soul Cat

(YouTube link) An idea so obvious, it’s a wonder it took this many years for someone to execute it. But Girl talk’s cat pulled it off! The song is “Shine” by Collective Soul. -via Buzzfeed

Star Wars X Disney Character Design Mashups

Even though this isn’t a totally original idea, since Disney has been doing something similar for a while now, these Star Wars – Disney animation character design mashups by Nathan H. Boyd are still pretty darn cute. Of particular note is Jiminy Cricket as Yoda and Pete (who is missing his signature cigar) as Darth Vader. Link  [...]