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Ice age predators didn’t starve to death

Scientists have determined that ice age predators were not wiped out due to a lack of food. Beasts such as saber-toothed cats and the American lion we…

Drill team seeks life two miles below the ice

Scientists are drilling down in to the Antarctic ice to seek life in a lake deep beneath the surface. The British research team will use a special dri…

Beautiful Buildings Made from Ice and Snow

They don’t last long, but they are works of art for a short time in winter. Flavorwire has a roundup of homes, hotels, igloos, castles, and art buildings made from ice and snow. Such structures are found in Romania, Russia, Sweden, China, Canada, and the U.S. Even in New Mexico! Shown here is The Celestial [...]

Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds

Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds – $12.95 Are you looking for a cool way to celebrate the holiday season? You need the Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds from the NeatoShop. This delicously fun set includes 3 molds: snowflake, snowman, and gingerbread man.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Christmas Entertaining ideas.  Link

Ice Cream Sliders: Yay Or Yuck?

This is the first sandwich I’ve seen in a long time that didn’t make me sad about the fact that I can’t eat gluten any more. I might like cinnamon ice cream and bacon, but putting that on a bun is just one step too far into savory. Link POLL: Would You Eat An Ice Cream Slider? I [...]

8 Wonderful Terraced Pools Around the World

Looks ice cold, doesn’t it? Actually, the water is quite warm at the Pamukkale terraces in Turkey. The white formations are deposits of minerals from spring water that built up into a series of dams, making the terraced pools what they are. That process is typical of the eight places featured in this list, although [...]

Antarctic sea ice hits record high

Despite fears over global warming the amount of sea ice at the South Pole is breaking new records. Despite the fact that there is more ice at Antarcti…

Cold War: The Legal Battle Between Good Humor and the Popsicle Corporation

Advances in refrigeration technology led to an explosion in the world of ice creams and other frozen treats in the early 1900s. The ice cream cone, ice cream bar, Eskimo Pie, disposable ice cream cup, and ice pop were all invented or popularized within the first two decades of the century. Just a few years [...]

Ice Age bone haul found near Mexico City

Workers have uncovered a significant number of bones belonging to several Ice Age animal species. The discoveries were made at the site of a new waste…

AK Ice Tray

AK Ice Tray – $7.95 Are you in a constant battle to keep your drink cold? Win the war against warm beverages with the AK Ice Tray from the NeatoShop. This dangerously fun ice tray is shaped like a AK-47 magazine. Each tray makes 10 three-dimensional bullets. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]