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Insane Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World

Last year I shared some of the weirdest ice cream flavors in the world with you guys, but Food & Wine has a great collection of other strange ice cream treats ranging from this ice cream molded like sushi to cicada ice cream to ice cream pizza. While some of them look delicious, but the [...]

Top Quizzes of ‘09: Ice Cream Flavor or Paint Color? (#1)

Editor’s Note: We’ve been counting down this year’s most popular quizzes, and we’ve finally reached the top spot! Let’s see if you can distinguish paint colors from ice cream flavors. When you’re done, you can check out the Top 10 Quizzes of 2009. While trying to decide what color to paint our bedroom, I realized something [...]

The Quick 10: If 10 Fast Food Joints Had Stuck With the Original Plan…

Ben and Jerry’s Bagels? Sonic Steakhouse? We should definitely be glad that some of our favorite quick-service places evolved into what they are today instead of sticking with Plan A. Just in case you’re curious, though, check out what could have become of these 10 places if fate hadn’t intervened. 1. When Ben and Jerry decided [...]