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IBM Scientists Distinguish Individual Molecular Bonds

IBM scientists in Zurich, Switzerland, who captured the first close-up image of a single molecule (a pentacene back in 2009), and the charge distribution of a single molecule, has scored another scientific first: [...]

World’s First Portable Computer

Back in 1975, engineers at IBM created the world’s first commercial portable computer, the IBM 5100 Portable Computer. Super light (for its time), the computer weighed in at 55 lb and cost about $20,000! The Next [...]

Cities with the Worst Commute in the World

Think you’ve got a bad commute? IBM feels your pain. The tech giant surveyed over 8,000 commuters in 20 cities around the world to find the city with the unenviable title of having the worst commute on Earth: According to IBM, the [...]

New microchip rivals the human brain

IBM have developed microchips capable of rewiring themselves and mimicking the human brain. The chips are being hailed as the first step in a new era …

The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company Turns 100

One hundred years ago, The International Time Recording Company, Computing Scale Company, and Tabulating Machine Company merged to become the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. Apparently, people one hundred years ago loved naming companies with a confusing collection of impressive sounding, quasi-scientific words assembled in seemingly random order. And if those company names could include hyphens, well—the more [...]

How Watson Could Have Been Defeated on Jeopardy

IBM’s Watson computer beat two human opponents on Jeopardy. Would this strategy have worked? via Borepatch

What is “Awesome?” IBM’s Watson vs. Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter

IBM has a history of pitting man versus machine in PR stunts that capture headlines — and yeah, it’s happening again, tonight. In 1989, IBM took on chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov using its Deep Thought machine…and lost. In 1996, IBM returned with Deep Blue…and lost. But in 1997, a reengineered version of Deep Blue narrowly [...]

Required Viewing: IBM’s “They Were There”

It’s hard to believe that IBM is 100 years old (well, nearly — it turns 100 on June 16, 2011). Yet, watching this newly released 30-minute documentary, the point is driven home: IBMers were indeed there at many crucial points in American technological history. They invented so many devices and systems we take for granted [...]

Single Molecule Pictured for First Time

Why would people get excited about this blury picture?  The pentacene molecule pictured is commonly used in solar cells and has five benzene rings.  There is only .14 namometers between rings, which is one million times smaller than a grain of sand! Credit for this nifty picture goes to IBM Research Zurich who used an Atomic [...]