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How Fake Money Saved Brazil

Twenty years ago, Brazil found itself in the grips of hyperinflation. Its inflation rate hit 80% a month, and the country was in financial free fall. Economists at the Catholic University in Rio came up with an unlikely – but ultimately successful – plan to rescue the country. And would you believe it, the plan calls [...]

What Hyperinflation Looks Like

Mintlife has a fascinating slideshow of various currencies that have undergone massive inflation — often during periods of war or political instability. It seems funny at first glance, until you ponder what life would really be like in a society undergoing that kind of upheaval. Anyone who has lived through a period of hyperinflation can tell [...]

Funny Money: Unusual and Fascinating Currency

Dark Roasted Blend takes a look at artful and unusual bank notes from around the world, past and present. You thought Zimbabwe’s inflation was outrageous when they issued the 100 billion dollar notes? Now they have 100 trillion dollar notes! That kind of hyperinflation is not new, as you’ll see in this post. Link